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eBay/Amazon for Oregon Cannabis Professionals


Sell Direct to Dispensaries without the cost and hassle of staff, travel, samples…. 


  • Save More then 15% over Wholesalers
  • Auction, Fixed Price and Make Offer Your Choice!
  • You Keep your Cannabis until you are Paid, no Risk!
  • Sell Future Crops, sell part of your future harvests NOW!
  • Free State S2S Metrc Reporting


Shop from your Phone, Tablet or PC Anytime, Anyplace 24/7 365 Days a Year


  • Buy Direct, know your Growers and SAVE!
  • Free State S2S Metrc Reporting
  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed or You Don’t Pay.


Sorry the days of 


  1. Back alley stinky warehouse shopping, during business hours
  2. Charging ridiculous 20% Commissions, (We charge 2%, that's right 2%!)
  3. Requiring Growers to trust you with their product on your shelf for free 


Are Over!


We do a LOT more for a LOT LESS! 


  1. We give Growers more Buyers, Options, Control and Less Risk
  2. We let Retailers shop from anywhere 24/7 365 Guaranteed Satisfaction
  3. We handle the State Metrc S2S record keeping
  4. We provide Accounting Support


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